MAZI: a top 5 Raspberry Pi project for social good

On 28/09/2018 the Open University MAZI team was invited to take part in a ‘show and tell’ demonstration of interesting Raspberry Pi themed projects organised by the dynamic Knowledge Makers group  at the Open University’s Knowledge Media Institute

Special guest was the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer, Phil Colligan. Phil later described MAZI as one of the top five world changing Raspberry Pi projects for good in the official Raspberry Pi magazine.

Philip Colligan, Chief Executive of the Raspberry Pi Foundation finds out about MAZI from Mark, Gareth, and Paul (not seen here) (credit: Chris Valentine)

Knowledge Makers encourages maker activities at the university and has regular meet-ups, that the MAZI team attends. People come together and make, hack, and chat about their do-it-yourself projects, analogue and digital, personal missions and publicly funded projects, all are welcome.For this event, the focus was a ‘show and tell’ demonstration of Raspberry Pi work, open to all at the university (and any other visitors). David Pride and Matteo Cancellieri kindly invited the MAZI team to show off the MAZI toolkit, and agreed that the MAZI Guestbook should be the event guestbook for people to leave their thoughts. They were also excited to find out about the Creekside Discovery Centre sensor system, based around a Raspberry Pi Zero, built by IT’s Paul Maher to enable an environmental charity to better understand river conditions and share data with schools and community groups.

We demonstrated all our work, giving visitors a chance to gets their hand on the MAZI tools, and enjoyed seeing how our colleagues across the Open University have been exploring Raspberry Pi’s. Phil Colligan, CEO of the Raspberry Pi Foundation toured all the demos before giving a talk on Raspberry Pi’s future, spending time learning about MAZI work from Gareth Davies, Paul and Mark Gaved.

A great event, and we must have made an impression, Phil Colligan later chose MAZI as one of his top-five world changing Pi projects for good, in the official Raspberry Pi magazine’s November 2018 issue 75 on the ’75 greatest Raspberry pi projects’ (see page 20).

Thanks Phil!

Photos of the event here: (credit Chris Valentine)

(We shouldn’t forget to mention the team’s excitement at seeing a Raspberry Pi shaped real cake baked for the event, well done Knowledge Makers, you know cake is one of our favourite ‘community mediating technologies’ !)

The Raspberry Pi cake! (credit: Chris Valentine)

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