MAZI means “together” in Greek. The Mazi project is developing a toolkit for building local, community wireless networks: MAZI Zones.

We call this alternative technology Do-It-Yourself networking. It combines wireless technology, low-cost hardware, and free/libre/open source software (FLOSS) applications. MAZI Zones will be easily deployed and configured based on a rich set of customization options and interdisciplinary knowledge.

The MAZI project is an EU Horizon 2020 funded project that runs from 2016-2018, as part of the CAPS initiative – Collective Awareness Platforsm for Sustainability and Social Innovation (ICT-10-015).

MAZI project partners:

NITlab, University of Thessaly, Greece
NetHood, Zurich-based non-profit organization
Centre for Interaction Design, Edinburgh Napier University, UK
Design Research Lab at the Berlin University of the Arts
The Open University, UK
INURA Zurich Institute
SPC in London
Prinzessinnengarten in Berlin
nomadic group unMonastery

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