Most downloaded: April 2010

Very nearly half of the articles that feature in this month’s list are new (to the list, not newly published), which is great to see.

Congratulations to Dr Clive Barnett (Social Sciences > Geography) for coming top with his 2005 paper “Consuming ethics: Articulating the subjects and spaces of ethical consumption”, published in Antipode. This is a high quality journal with a strong impact factor, illustrating the point nicely that publishing in top journals alone¬†doesn’t necessarily¬†guarantee access to everyone that needs it. There will be many university libraries throughout the world who cannot afford to subscribe to Antipode, and so by depositing a copy in ORO Dr Barnett has increased his chances of diseminating his work to researchers working at those institutions.

To put this in a little more context, here is an estimated breakdown of the categories of people accessing ORO in April:

Academics: 35%
Research students: 29%
Undergrad students: 18%
Non-academic: 18%*

*Mostly health practitioners and non-university-based researchers, but also some local government and charity workers. Proportion of access by general public estimated at only 1%.

Click here for the complete list for April: ORO downloads 04_2010a.

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