ORO reaches 10,000 items

A slightly belated posting on this, as it has already been featured in the news section of the University’s main website, as well as an Intranet news item. But, just in case these have passed you by, or you are an external reader of this blog, I am very proud to announce the fact that ORO now houses over 10,000 research articles. The 10,000th item was recently deposited by Professor Agnes Kukulska-Hulme and is a journal paper on the subject of mobile learning. Here is a link to the paper in ORO, which (I’m pleased to say) is a fully open access item: http://oro.open.ac.uk/16987.

Ordinarily, the publisher of the journal in which this paper was published (Cambridge University Press) allows author final drafts to be deposited in Open Access institutional repositries such as ORO, with the final published PDF permitted after a one-year embargo. However, given the special significance of this paper to ORO, Cambridge University Press kindly allowed us to deposit the final published version straight away.

So, congratulations to Professor Kukulska-Hulme for┬áproviding┬áthe 10,000th item, but also I think a very big thank you is in order for everyone else who have been contributing content for ORO recently. In the year I’ve been managing ORO I have been very pleasantly surprised by its growth and the willingness of OU researchers to engage with ORO and build it into their publishing routines.

For interest, the official press release relating to this story can be viewed here: 090702-oro-hits-10000-items.doc.

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