2011 top downloads and requests for copy

Here we have the Top 15 request for copy & Top 15 downloads for 2011. 

Thanks to everyone who deposited papers or made them available via request for copy in ORO.

It’s interesting to compare the numbers.  The top download item had over 200 downloads whilst the top request a  copy had 24.  But, I think it’s fair to say where someone took the trouble to request a copy from the author it’s more likely they read the item! 

There is also value in the connections between peers that might be made in the request a copy process – we estimate 40% of ORO visitors to be active researchers (other visitors comprise 30% postgrads, 20% undergrads & 10% other).  So we hope, in a small way, ORO supports the connections made between researchers.

The request for copy process may also provide evidence for research impact.  So if there are any impact narratives that have been supported, and can be evidenced, by ORO – please get in touch. 



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