Most downloaded from ORO – January 2013

January saw a¬†similar level of downloads to December. It was good to see some new entries break into the Top 15, but Jan Draper’s book chapter still reigns supreme.¬†ORO top 15 jan 2013

4 Responses to “Most downloaded from ORO – January 2013”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Does the ‘most downloaded’ list take into account requests for access to publications that cannot be directly downloaded from the site for copyright reasons?

  2. ref57 Says:

    > Rebecca
    In fact it doesn’t, but experience has shown (with the odd exception) that requests for downloads run at a much lower level than direct downloads, usually by a factor of about 10, so they are unlikely to make the ‘top 15′ list.

  3. Richard Blundel Says:

    Is it possible to track the fate of ORO items in top 30, and those previously in the ‘top 15′? Could this be made available via OU intranet for example?

  4. ref57 Says:

    > Richard
    It is possible – but I’m not sure it is a priority.

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