Using your activity tracker

This page provides useful advice and guidance to E117 Introduction to Sport and Fitness students on how to use their Medisana activity tracker.

How to set up your Medisana ViFit touch activity tracker

The video below provides a step by step guide to setting up and activating your tracker to view both your own data and also the data of other students studying E117.

If you haven’t already done so it is important to install the E117 App on your device before you begin setting up your tracker. For details on how to download and install the E117 app click here.

Once you  have installed the E117 App you are ready to follow the instructions in the video below.

During the process below (in Step 5) you may be required to log in to the OU systems using your OU Computer Username (OUCU) and password.

Enter your OU computer username (OUCU) and your password when prompted.

Your OUCU is made up of initials (usually yours) followed by a number, for example ‘ab123’. It is included in the letter confirming your module registration. It is interchangeable with your personal identifier (PI) anywhere you see the OU sign-in screen. Your OUCU is a security tag and cannot be changed as it is then encrypted into many of the OU systems.


Please note that once you have completed the set up and authorized the E117 App to access your data you do not have to enter the E117 App every time you wish to view your data. The link below takes you directly to the activity Dashboard.

You will be directed when to use the  activity tracker data to help you in your studies within the module materials. We suggest that you wear your tracker throughout the module to allow you to have sufficient data available when completing these activities.

Help and Support

If you encounter any difficulties syncing your tracker to the E117 App or you think you may not have set up the permissions correctly there is a ‘Reset your Profile’ button in the ‘Edit Profile’ section. If you activate the reset you will receive an alert that your personal information as well as your connection to Medisana will be deleted. This will take you back to the ‘Connect to Medisana’ button which should then allow you to give permission to the E117 App again.

If you need any additional support setting up your activity tracker please visit the Medisana Online Help centre on the link below: 

The full instruction manual to accompany the tracker (included in the box) can also be found online here: 


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