Meet Jo Stevens, Stage 2 Student Nurse, Adult Nursing


Jo Stevens, currently at Stage 2 of the Pre-Registration Nursing programme within The Open University.

Employed in primary care within a GP surgery as a Health Care Assistant for the past 16 years.

Goal to work as a Practice Nurse when graduate in 2020

High point passing year 1 with a distinction

Low point scared about upcoming exam!!!

Hi, my name is Jo, currently established in year 2 of the Pre-Registration Nursing programme. I am currently in placement within an excellent District Nursing team. What an eye opener so different to my core base within general practice. The daily challenges of travelling, lone working, lack of equipment dressings etc (I am used to walking into a stocked cupboard), time constraints and never quite knowing what you are going to walk into is both thrilling and petrifying. One minute along with my mentor I have nursed dementia patients with complex wounds, shared a quiet moment with a dying patient, observed a blocked catheter then dealt with the referrals to GPs, safe guarding issues and protocols all in 1 day! I am loving the challenge and feel this is the benefit of the programme. Having the varied placements mixed within my core base give me the opportunities to broaden my knowledge and practical skills along with my studies.

Two years ago as a mature student I never believed I would be able to produce academic work and achieve along with the universities support good grades. Having the benefit of studying independently is perfect for my family life and my children have no excuse to not do their homework as I have to do mine!!!. Currently I am studying a Human Biology module which is fascinating, I am apprehensive about the upcoming exam but know with the excellent support the tutors provide with some hard work I should be able to achieve a good result.

2018 has lots of exciting challenges ahead, in June I have another placement within a local main hospital and further essays and projects to study and complete. In addition to the wealth of experience the tutors within the Open University bring to my studies I have the benefit of support from my employers who are all backing me in my progression to become a registered nurse.


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