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Doctor for 20 minutes

Good news this morning although… I was expecting them the Research School to refer to it as a doctorate, not as a degree – and, surely, when you’re telling someone they’ve become a doctor, you would address them as ‘doctor’? … Continue reading

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Inching towards perfection

Long-time classics, international bestsellers, your favourite novel of all time. Hand on heart, is there any one of them that has absolutely no room for improvement? Take Genesis – a grand opening but also a sprinkling of repetition and some … Continue reading

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What happened next: life after the viva

Congratulations go to Rebecca and Anesa who both successfully defended their theses. It’s good to be all through this nerve-wracking experience successfully. This has to be my favourite photo of the year, (thanks Patrick). Here’s what happened next for me. … Continue reading

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Top 40 Potential Viva Questions

I submitted my thesis way back in March but, somewhere between CREET and the Research School, the documentation was lost or abandoned for a couple of months. Add to that a spell in hospital when they finally got round to … Continue reading

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The day of the viva – successful!

Vivas tend to be in the afternoon. This gives the external time to get to the university. So, I had all morning to get up peacefully, shower and try to be in the right frame of mind. I had lunch … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Viva

The dreaded day approached. I’d been adopting the fairly successful “head in the sand” approach for some time. I enjoy writing and found producing the thesis a rewarding activity, but the idea of “defending” it against challenges never did appeal. … Continue reading

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