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Reflections on FutureLearn, OpenLearn and the changing role of the OU

The OU has been through many ups and downs this year. There were 14 days of country-wide strike action related to the USS pension dispute. Then there was the ‘Students First Transformation’ (SFT) – a key focus of the then vice … Continue reading

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OpenLearn Travel Bug

  I’ve just set up the OpenLearn travel bug. A bit of a long shot but might prove interesting. I’ve got an OpenLearn USB pen and have registered it as a travel bug. Patrick has laminated the goals card that … Continue reading

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Practice Strand – Patrick Mcandrew on OpenLearn experience

Practice Strand Patrick’s presentation Researching the world out there: how do we know about the users that do not tell us anything?   This strand is going to be a series of short presentations with discussions around the theme and … Continue reading

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OpenLearn Conference

I really like the concept of OpenLearn – making educational content freely available to anyone with an internet connection. One aim is for learners to take the content, adapt and enhance it and then upload it for others to use. I’m … Continue reading

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