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Massively Multi Learner Workshop at Anglia Ruskin

Anna Peachey presented first at this event – describing the Schome Park part of the Schome project in which teens aged 13 to 17 explore alternative approaches to learning through the virtual environment of Second Life. During the presentation, she … Continue reading

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Reflections on Twitter

Martin has reflected about the social niceties of following people who follow you twitter on several occasions most recently in this post on Twitter Etiquette. Just recently I’ve had a couple of strange experiences with twitter which make me wonder … Continue reading

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Bidding for Funding Seminar: Sharing expertise

The annual bidding for funding workshops organised by the Research School have been suspended for 2008 whilst they restructure them. It’s good that they’re acting on feedback, but a bit disappointing that there are no bidding workshops. Fortunately IET came … Continue reading

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Happy IET Students

I just bumped into Patrick in the corridoor and he assured me that the students will be in the new building. It’s nice to know that the Institute of Educational Technology loves its students.

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Hot desking versus Fixed

I started wondering which would be better, hot desking or fixed, so I thought I’d try to come up with a list of pros and cons. However I then realised that there are two different ways of hotdesking. You can … Continue reading

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