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Joyful, visionary research

My research group spent a successful day this week brainstorming and developing projects together. We began by considering what we enjoy about research, and found that social and affective factors are hugely important to us. We wanted to carry out … Continue reading

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Google Chrome

Installed this new browser full of hope and optimism. What a disappointment.  Looks good. I like the idea of having your most used web pages appear automatically on the new tab. But how to get to my usual websites? I … Continue reading

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The best school in the world?

My local junior school is currently rethinking its vision. This isn’t an empty exercise – the school vision underpins everything that happens at the school, and is referred to on a daily basis. We’re asking everyone in the school community … Continue reading

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A perspective

Glancing through this blog, I realised that it had the tagline “perspectives on an academic environment” and I thought that perhaps I had neglected this aspect somewhat so heres some perspectives and maybe a little perspective too 🙂 Summer is … Continue reading

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Dispersing Flock – the final straw

I was quite happy with Flock, and content to hang on in there until it became less resource hungry. I installed it on my laptop, I installed it on my PC at the OU. I worked out what worked best … Continue reading

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