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Open Streetmaps

Openstreetmaps is a collaborative website to which people can upload GPS traces of the public footpaths and tracks in their area. It is most definitely collaborative rather than cooperative because people are knowingly contributing their data to a shared resource. … Continue reading

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Twitter and Identity

I enjoy using twitter. I enjoy reading other peoples tweets. However I had a moment’s confusion recently with Olnet. The Olnet project is now in full swing with many interesting researchers working on it in various capacities. I recently gained … Continue reading

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Creating pilot projects with impact: Jonathan Drori

Really useful presentation by Jonathan Drori at ALT-C about how to add impact to a pilot project. Questions to ask about your project include: Why is this project different from all other projects? Will more people learn better? Will this … Continue reading

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Doctor for 20 minutes

Good news this morning although… I was expecting them the Research School to refer to it as a doctorate, not as a degree – and, surely, when you’re telling someone they’ve become a doctor, you would address them as ‘doctor’? … Continue reading

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Inching towards perfection

Long-time classics, international bestsellers, your favourite novel of all time. Hand on heart, is there any one of them that has absolutely no room for improvement? Take Genesis – a grand opening but also a sprinkling of repetition and some … Continue reading

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