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Does my time need to be rescued?

April 28th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Patrick’s posts about his efforts in managing time more efficiently have caused me to have a go with a couple of the applications he’s mentioned. One is ThinkingRock, which is based on the principles of Dave Allen’s “Getting things done”. Been using it for about a week and so far it seems very useful. HardworkingIt does seem to indicate that running a household and family is many times more complex than producing a PhD, but that is probably because I’ve not broken down the PhD tasks enough. PhD writing certainly seems to be taking up alot of my time at the moment.

However I finally got around to installing RescueTime. This is an application that you install on your computer and manage via a browser-based dashboard. It logs the time you spend actively on each application and web site. You can then go in and tag these with things like “Research” “Work” “Wilfing” or whatever suits your needs.

I avoided this because I was afraid that I spent far too long reading other peoples blogs, or writing in my own, but hey – after the first day it turns out that I’m a paragon of hardworking virtue.

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