As a result of reading the Twitters of others, I’ve downloaded and installed a new web browser called Flock. It describes itself as a social browser and I have to admit that thus far I’m really impressed. You can set up all your feeds etc as well as all your social networking apps (Facebook, Twitter, FlickR etc) to appear in a panel on the left. Each category can be displayed easily by simply clicking on a graphic icon. The nice thing is that you can list all your contacts from, say, Facebook, and simply drag something across to their name/picture to initiate a new Facebook message to them containing the object you dragged across. Likewise with FlickR and the other services.

You can also blog directly from Flock which is a real asset, I feel. You simply click on the blog graphic and it creates a new entry for whichever of your blogs you want to use. I maintain three blogs at the moment and this really seems like a time saver to me.

Setting up all these applications so that you are automatically logged in when you open Flock is also pretty simple. For blog feeds, you just open the blog in a tab, the little feed button gets highlighted so you click on it, the feed gets displayed and you click “subscribe”. Bingo, another blog added to the blog section of the left panel. Adding, say, Facebook is equally as easy. You just start FB and log in. Then you are asked if you want to add this to the left panel. Click yes and there it is – nicely integrated.

I’ve also installed my Google toolbar which, for me, is essential. I had to select Firefox for the install, but it went smoothly enough.

Only downside I’ve found is the firefox-like interface with Outlook Web Access. I just don’t care for it. However this is very minor. I may just keep one IE window open with OWA on it and keep Flock for all the rest.

PS – I’m posting this through the Flock interface to my blog 🙂

Blogged with the Flock Browser


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