Creating a Blog Post from Flock with an image

Having installed Flock, I’m feeling really enthusiastic about it but feel I’m still not making the most of all its features. It’s seldom possible to learn all the neat tricks of a piece of software in one go – other “real” tasks always intervene and I think it takes time to become accustomed to new ways of working. However Flock has a useful “Getting Started with Flock” tab which comes up each time you open the browser until you check the box telling it not to, so today I decided to try to drag an image into my blog post.

I just made a big post to another blog “manually” as it were, but opening a tab onto the blog and signing in. I included an image from another websites into the blog post. I used SnagIt to grab the image and save it to my desktop from which I then import into the blog.

With Flock you are supposed to be able to simply drag and drop bits from other pages into your post. I grabbed the above image from the media bar. However it did not seem as straightforward as the Flock Getting Started video implied. I dragged it to the Flock web clipboard and then clicked “blog” this created a new blog post window with the picture at the top. As I had already been typing the post, I really wanted the picture in the blog entry I was working on. Still, in order to get my image I stuck with the new blog post and cut and pasted my text from my original post to follow on from the picture. Probably not the most efficient way, but certainly easier than using SnagIt and saving to the desktop and copying from there. (Also far fewer files left lying around on the desktop).

I probably just need to spend a little more time practicing. However thus far I’m quite impressed.

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