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Installed this new browser full of hope and optimism. What a disappointment.  Looks good. I like the idea of having your most used web pages appear automatically on the new tab. But how to get to my usual websites? I rely totally on Google Bookmarks because I use several different machines. But Google Chrome seem to have taken a retrograde step by only providing access to locally stored bookmarks. There are forum discussions about how to work around this and how inconvenient it is for many people. For me this is a show stopper. I gave up on Flock because the OU IT department do not permit the installation of the google toolbar. I shall put my exploration of Google Chrome on hold until they fix this.

What a shame

by Gill Clough

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Having worked as a Research Fellow with the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University, I have now semi-retired but retained my association with the OU as an Honorary Associate.
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  1. I was a bit disappointed with Google Chrome too, it did seem quite basic in terms of functionality, at the very least it needs a plugin mechanism. I suspect this will be coming soon though.
    I’ve been trying out the beta of Flock 2 ( which I notice has improved integration with You can change its default search engine to Google. Worth a look, I don’t know if it can integrate with Google Bookmarks though.

  2. PaulusDev says:

    I was more put off by the fact that I could not scroll up! It seems to affect many people (mainly laptop track pads).

    I recently released a program to quickly and automatically fix the problem. Just run chrome_patch.exe. It will modify chrome.dll to fix the issue.
    You can download/read about it at

  3. I don’t use Chrome because it’s not available for Linux!
    Firefox has a nice experimental plug-in called Weave, which stores your bookmarks etc on a server somewhere – all your computers then have the same set of bookmarks. I think there is a similar feature on Opera.

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