Joyful, visionary research

My research group spent a successful day this week brainstorming and developing projects together.
We began by considering what we enjoy about research, and found that social and affective factors are hugely important to us. We wanted to carry out joyful research – visionary research – research that would engage us and make a difference to the world.
To support this, we were looking for enthusiastic and reliable colleagues, team players who would provide intellectual stimulus and share our vision.
And we wanted the time to do a good job, with our involvement being manageable and our responsibilities clear.
For me the focus on joy, happiness and positive engagement tied in with discusions at my local school about what the best school in the world would be like. Happiness was mentioned again and again, to the extent that it has joined excitement in learning in our new school vision.
Learning can so often degenerate into a chore, that I’m impressed to see how consistently the hundreds of children and adults I’ve consulted recently associate good learning experiences with happiness.

by Rebecca Ferguson

About Rebecca

I am a research fellow at The Open University. My research interests focus on how people learn together online and in blended environments, and I have studied blogs, online conference and interaction in both Second Life and Teen Second Life.
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