Creating pilot projects with impact: Jonathan Drori

Really useful presentation by Jonathan Drori at ALT-C about how to add impact to a pilot project.

Questions to ask about your project include: Why is this project different from all other projects? Will more people learn better? Will this save money? Will teachers and/or students be happier? Can this be done better without technology?

Ten ways to increase the impact of your pilot project.
10. Understand the barriers to success
• Talent – are the people in your team talented enough to do this?
• Experience – do members of your team have experience to bring to bear?
• Resources – does your team have sufficient resources?
• Coherence – do the members of your team make up a coherent group – or could they do so?
9. Decide who you are trying to impress
Face up to this honestly. The peer-reviewed research that will impress your academic peers is not necessarily what you need to scale up your project
8. Integrate the magnificent seven
(1) Pedagogy (2) Technology (3) Design and information architecture (4) Experience design (5) Audience ownership (6) Audience insight (7) Editorial and project leadership [and (8) Funding]. Do not confuse project leadership and editorial management. You need an editorial manager who can spot when a project is running as planned but is actually ‘a bit crap’.
7. Ensure that everyone understands the pilot
6. Understand where your pilot fits in to the project as a whole
There are several stages to a project, and your pilot could interest, engage, guide, communicate, create or do something. With careful use, new technologies can enable each stage, lower barriers between stages, help create virtuous circles, help people to learn, grow or develop, and add value.
5. Choose a good measure of success
4. Pay attention to partnerships
What does each partner say that they want? What do they actually want? (Most people want personal aggrandizement of some sort.)
3. Know everything about your audiences
Customer needs
2. Consider new formats and services
Sketch out a storyboard of how your new service will be used. Get your project group together and discuss the storyboard.
1. Is something missing?
Don’t forget to pilot the businesses processes as well as the content, technology and user experience. You need to be sure that your pilot is replicable, scalable and sustainable.

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