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Openstreetmaps is a collaborative website to which people can upload GPS traces of the public footpaths and tracks in their area. It is most definitely collaborative rather than cooperative because people are knowingly contributing their data to a shared resource. Interestingly enough, I’m pretty sure that the iPhone Geocaching application hooks into this when you select “navigate to geocache” and choose “map” rather than “compass”.

I was just wondering whether it might be possible to combine the Edina historical mapping service with openstreetmaps, overlaying the footpaths with the tracks on the ancient maps in order to get an accurate GPS location for places of historical interest when I looked up the user Diary to find this latest entry.

It really made me laugh. Don’t imagine it is serious, but imagine for a moment that it were….

Streetmap Diary entry dated 22nd September 2009:

Let’s screw up Basildon

So I got fed up with messing around south of the river and thought I’d have a mosey up to Laindon near Basildon in my copious free time today. So what can we invent or destroy today. I know, I’ll put some fictitious traffic lights on a roundabout – that will really scare the drivers when they find there really aren’t any. And Old Church Hill’s a windy road, so no one will notice if I make a few bends a bit sharper. And one of my favourites – let’s shift a bus stop by a few yards, that’ll get the old dears going. He he he…

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  1. Ben says:

    regarding use of Edina historical maps you might be interested in the JISC innovation project below – does not use OSM but Google as comtemporary overlay.

  2. Gill says:

    Thanks Ben, Fascinating project 🙂 Liked the blog.

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