Attending the strand wrap-up versus reading the Conference RSS blog feed


Marion now has the daunting task of drawing together the many diverse presentations from this strand of the conference. I’ve attended a number of these presentations and enjoyed them enormously, particularly the three this morning which I will blog about later.

The audience is quite large – fortunately the auditorium is big, and she has them with her, laughing at the lighter points in her presentation. She has a pleasant informal style of presentation – I like her quote that she read somewhere that you should place yourself in challenging situations in order to keep yourself young, and how she expected to age by minus 10 years after this conference.

Rebecca who is sitting next to me has just shown me the RSS feed for the conference where she has found an interesting video of bloggers blogging about blogging. It is a slide show of stills of people using their laptops around the space. I then went to the RSS feed and found myself browsing through people’s posts. I think that the RSS feed to which all the conference bloggers have subscribed is extremely interesting and provides a fascinating summary of the conference and insight into other people’s impression. I get alot out of reading that – filling in the gaps by providing a review of presentations I’d have liked to have attended but was unable to. I wish the other building had had wifi however, as I attended many presentations over there and still have notes that I need to post to the blog. There is so little spare time that you really need to be able to live blog in order to keep up.

Crikey – Marion has just put up a slide about MY presentation – GPS-enabled PDAs, Caerus and my use of the geocaching community for my PhD! Gosh. This really emphasises the importance of this type of conference for people like me – PhD student – for getting information about my work “out there” and placing a stake in a particular area of research! Now even those who did not attend my presentation will know that somebody somewhere is researching GPS through the geocaching community.

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