Peter Norvig – of Google

Mike Sharples now stands up to introduce Peter Norvik of Google. This should be interesting!

Peter starts with a historical overview which is very cleverly presented. Socrates has a tutor based approach, so we have actually gone backwards in our teaching styles since then. in the 1350 the teacher lectured students (nice slide) because books were handmade and too expensive to hand out, so one person could lecture lots of people. But the picture shows people looking away and one person is even fast asleep!

However why do we still lecture? In places the lecture is limited to 20 minutes – however one exception is the keynotes 🙂 Very witty. Says he’ll try to stop early.

Big problem with lecture that you can’t sustain attention for too long. Another problem is that it doesn’t suit all learning styles. OOoooooh. Dangerous ground here. There’s alot of disagreement about the learning styles theory. He goes on to question this, very wittily.

Lectures aren’t portable. Another nice comparison with musical performance in 1350 when you didn’t have any choice about where you could listen to music. In modern day people have ipods that they can listen to wherever they want. This technology could be applied to lectures but we have not moved to the model where there are star performers – people choosing which lecturer to listen to freely – not just limited to the lecturer in their faculty.

Now starting to talk about how Google can help move these approaches forward.

1. Google applications (education edition)

Note: I can see Rebecca sitting next to me liveblogging. She has found the source of the picture used in the presentation to illustrate a lecture in 1350. Is double-liveblogging perhaps overkill?


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