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3G Sim for iPad

May 30th, 2010 · 1 Comment

I’ve got the 64Gig 3G iPad. There doesn’t seem much point in going for a lower specification model as I’m fairly sure that once I have it, I’ll want to use all the top-end features, such as GPS combined with 3G etc.

So, having played with the iPad for a day or so, I looked up all the sim card deals for the iPad last night. It’s fairly confusing and rapidly changing. The advantage of an iPad is that it can use any 3G network. This will hopefully encourage competition which will get the best deal for users.

According to the Apple website, you can use a sim from Orange, O2, Vodaphone and Three. Each link takes you to the appropriate page on the provider website where their data plans are outlined. The main thing we wanted was a micro-sim that would allow you to purchase data for a week, or a month to cover a holiday, but which would not tie you in to a monthly contract.

We headed off for Cambridge to get some essential extras from the Apple store (a camera connector to download pics directly to the iPad and a VGA adaptor for slide presentations) and we asked there. They are clean out of sim cards, but said that O2 were the only non-recurring tariff available and that Vodaphone required you to sign a contract. We trotted across the precinct to O2 but, they had no micro-sims either. We were advised to purchase our micro-sims online and I think that is definitely the best option. What I want is a sim that I can load up with credit for when I’m planning to be away, say on holiday or at a conference.

I just went on the online chat to Vodaphone. Despite what the website implies, the 30day is a rolling contract and you have to give 30 days’ notice that you want to suspend it. He also pointed out that even on pay as you go, if you don’t top up within 90 days the card is locked.

Meanwhile, O2 seems to offer closer to what we are after.

Here’s a neat website with a guide to iPad data tariffs.

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  • 1 Sung Lento // May 31, 2010 at 9:07 pm

    People moaned about the iPad wondering where it fits in, but until you actually use one (not in a shop even) but actually use it to replace some of the day to day stuff you’d normally do stuck at the desktop, you cant appreciate the size of the display is perfect. The snappy & polished touch UI are big factors too.

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