Interactivity at ALT-C

Here we are in a lecture theatre, hearing how the lecture has remained essentially unchanged over700 or so years. Up on the screen at the front are remote participants putting up their comments. The speaker’s words have sent them off to search for quotes and information which relate to what is going on. We have a quote from Socrates up at the moment – not one which the speaker used. Remote participants are feeding in ideas and questions. Meanwhile, the live bloggers in the room are beginning to connect up through RSS feeds. I’ve just googled the picture which the speaker just had up on screen. The lecture is feeling like a very lively interactive process, building on each other’s ideas synchronously.

About Rebecca

I am a research fellow at The Open University. My research interests focus on how people learn together online and in blended environments, and I have studied blogs, online conference and interaction in both Second Life and Teen Second Life.
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