Notes from Kaleidoscope SIG meeting discussion – Handheld 2007 5pm – 6:30pm

The following is my record of the discussion that took place at the end of the Kaleidoscope meeting about where we should go once the funding runs out. It hasn’t been checked by anybody else who was there, so please add a comment if you spot something that I’ve noted wrong, or remember something that I missed.  Gill

(thanks to Jocelyn for the correct address)

At the end of the meeting, Mike Sharples opened the discussion on “where next?”
Funding ends at the end of 2007. We have several options.

Do we continue with a European SIG or just a UK one?

  • If we continue how do we fund it?
  • How do we relate to whatever else is happening? 

What else is happening? There is the Internation Association of mobile Learning that met at Banff, Canada during Mlearn in 2006. However it is not possible to host this organisation in Canada because Canadian liability insurance makes the Directors personally liable.  The IAML is now being hosted in South Africa – contact Herman Van der Merwe. 

Comments from the audience:

  • It is important to remain international
  • What are the options for funding?
    Mike replied that what we need is £5000 to £10000 to continue with the organisation as is. This money needed to fund continued support of the website and other organisational issues.
    An option is to charge membership fees or bid for funding
  • What about using volunteers to maintain the website?
    Mike’s feeling is that this is probably unwise as it is better to have somebody with specific responsibility.
  • What about joining IAML as a European division as it is important not to lose the collaboration and the coherent community we have built up through Kaleidoscope.
  • What about e-learning europa? As a mobile learning umbrella sustained by them
  • It was pointed out that if we charge membership, then money is needed in order to administer this – manage the funds etc.
    Mike suggested we could be a European chapter of IAML – then they could administer the memberships.
  • It is important to avoid having too many organisations springing up.
  • The question was asked – would membership of IAML preclude us from getting funding?
    Mike said that as the IAML was still being formed, that we could lay out the conditions of membership in negotiation with them and that as a founder member, he would take our thoughts along to them. Kaleidoscope is a coherent entity which would be an asset to the IAML.
  • How much would we charge? There was some discussion about the benefits to institutions of institutional membership, and the experiences of ALT-C were discussed, where institutions could look at why were they paying for membership?  Asking what they would get for their money.
  • What about membership bringing with it reduced conference fees, say for Mlearn, and other advantages.
  • Corporate sponsorship was also raised as a suggestion.

The consensus was for going forward as a chapter of the IAML, although it was pointed out that the term chapter had overtones of Hell’s Angels so perhaps some other term. Maybe a sub-sig

Mike Sharples is going to put forward this possibility to the IAML when he next meets with them. 

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Having worked as a Research Fellow with the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University, I have now semi-retired but retained my association with the OU as an Honorary Associate.
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  1. Jocelyn says:

    The address for the site is with a full stop after mlearning.

    Ta for making notes

  2. Paul Hayes says:

    sounds very interesting. anyone know the web address for the IAML? Thanks, Paul

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