Blogging as a research tool

Just finished my initial online conference chat with Christine from Salford. She saw our presentation at ALT-C in Nottingham and asked us to chat to some post-graduate students about our experiences. Rebecca and I are going to talk with them via their interwise online conferencing tool, about our experiences of blogging as a research tool.  Specifically we’re going to talk about the ways we found blogging helped to reinforce our sense of community, both as a student community and within the wider academic community.

The conferencing tool was rather nice – voice and text chat with a neat ability to share URLs and even annotate things. Looking forward to it 😀

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Having worked as a Research Fellow with the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University, I have now semi-retired but retained my association with the OU as an Honorary Associate.
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2 Responses to Blogging as a research tool

  1. Rebecca says:

    Though if someone comes into the office or talks in the office (or starts playing with noisy electronic gizmos, as happened this morning 🙂 )it is very distracting – and it is difficult for other people on the conference to know how much you are being distracted.

  2. Gill says:

    Umm, guilty 🙂 Well, with daleks and aliens laying around the place – it can be hard to resist

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