Health and Safety Assessment

Over the course of my career, I have completed many (10 to 20) health and safety assessments. I score 100%. Today was no exception.

Perhaps it is due to workload, but I am reluctant to waste 30 minutes doing repeated health and safety assessments with associated tedious tutorials. However, after ignoring the most recent request I got the “Failure to comply” email

Your Line Manager will now be contacted to help you comply with your Workstation training and assessment which can be accessed by going to the link below :

Reluctantly I put myself through the slow tutorials. Having done it so many times below, I was limited only by the speed at which the little animations displayed. I worked out the fastest way to get through the tutorial. I really hate the way the tutorial delays the display of the buttons to allow you to move to the next step for a period of time that it assumes you need to read the text and/or perform the little formative test. I know the answers so I merely skim-read the text and was waiting to move on. Finally I got to the test-proper, completed it and received my usual 100%

This technique got the process down to a mere 20 minutes.

However reading the final report, it had a few action points – a suggested further assessment because I work at several locations (including my home office), and a requisition for a docking station for my laptop with separate keyboard.

I don’t want either, so I checked the boxes to say that these actions were complete and ended up with an “all green” report.

I understand and approve of adhering to Health and Safety guidelines. But I am insulted by the fact that the process appears to assume that I cannot remember these guidelines from one year to the next. I was able to reduce the time spent on this assessment to just under 20 minutes. It was a wasted 20 minutes. I did not learn anything that I did not already know (as shown by the usual 100% score).

I do know that I get eye ache from my work, quite badly because I’ve worked with computers for some years and although I can score 100% on the Health and Safety assessment, this does not mean that I remember to incorporate the guidelines into my own practice. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to break off and give your eyes a rest. This is probably more of a workload issue than a health and safety one, but forcing me to spend an unnecessary 20 minutes in front of a screen doing the H&S assessment does not help.

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Having worked as a Research Fellow with the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University, I have now semi-retired but retained my association with the OU as an Honorary Associate.
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  1. derek says:

    compters are useful tools and like all tools they need to be used properly
    You don’t have to get
    Skin rash, etc

  2. Nona Sehat says:

    thank you..
    so helpfull share

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