Reserving an iPhone 6

iPhone 6

iPhone 6, newly emerged from its box

It didn’t take long for me to crack and purchase a new iPhone 6. On Tuesday I wandered into the store and said “I’d like to buy an iPhone please”.

How silly of me. In fact they are so popular you need to go online and reserve one to collect in store if you want to be able to walk out with one. Alternatively you can order one online and wait 7-10 days for delivery.

Having made my decision, I asked for more detail about how to reserve. There is a quite complex series of links to click on the Apple UK website, but ultimately, if you do it right, you get to a screen with the link Make a reservation on it. This brings you to two fields in which you specify 1. the Store and 2. the model iPhone you wish to reserve.

You are then presented with a screen showing a grid of the three colours, black, gold and silver and the three storage capacities, 16Gb, 64Gb and 128Gb. Within this grid, all displayed as “none available”.

The stores get their deliveries around midnight and I was recommended to go online at 6am to reserve. I asked if it would not be better to go online earlier and was told, yes, that might be better.

That night I was out at Morris dance practice, so was home late at midnight. I checked the website and the “service currently unavailable” message displayed. I was quite excited. Presumably they were in the process of updating the system with the new arrivals.

I went back online again at about 2am to 2:15am, and amazingly some iPhone 6 models had gone already- all the 16Gb were unavailable, and some of the 64Gb, but the 128Gb was still available in all colours. So, I ordered one for collection inshore at noon.

Next morning, despite my late night I awoke early. Worked all morning, headed to the Apple store at lunch time and soon became the proud owner of an iPhone 6. Trouble was, I needed to work the afternoon, so work I did with the promise of the excitement of opening the box and revealing my new iPhone as my end of work treat. It was great.

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