iPhone 6 and IOS 8 – Initial impressions

I’ve had the iPhone 6 for a day now, so I’ve not yet explored all its capabilities.

Most impressive:

  • Big screen – easy to see. When you set it up you have the option of having icons and text slightly larger which is brilliant if you are a bit long sighted. Makes it much easier to quickly use the device without scrabbling around for your glasses.
  • Fingerprint security – easy to set up and very, very accurate. A simple touch will now unlock the device, and you can still use the passcode if you want (or have forgotten about the fingertip recognition). I still remember the first IPAQ PDA that had fingerprint security – you could rub your fingertips raw trying to get the thing to unlock.
  • Suggested words (IOS 8 feature) Makes texting and emailing very much faster and predicts accurately what you are likely to put next. Just need to remember to look at it when typing.
  • Design – The gold and white version is just beautiful.
  • Light weight – The device is impressively slim and light. I’ve read about people bending them by putting them in their pocket and sitting down. To be honest, that seems like a strange thing to do with such an expensive device – akin to taking your macbook air and standing on it. There is surely a limit to what these lightweight devices should be expected to withstand. It seems robust enough to me.

Least impressive:

  • Device size – almost exactly the same size as a samsung galaxy, and they’ve even moved the on-off button to the top right side, in the same place as the galaxy. The size is not a problem to me, although I think it might be cumbersome for people with small hands. It fits find in any number of my handbags, but I wouldn’t want to carry it in a pocket as I think it would stick out and probably easily fall out. It is certainly easy to interact with the screen (email, calendar, texting, web browsing, apps etc). I’ve used it to make calls and to be honest, when on a call you don’t really notice the larger size.
    It does seem fairly big. I’m out Morris dancing all weekend with only a bum-bag to hold the essentials so I hope the iPhone 6 fits in the zip pocket and is strong enough to withstand being carried around in that way. I will not be impressed if it bends! None of my other iPhones suffer in a bum bag.
    Watch this space for the results of the iPhone6/Morris Dancing Bum Bag test.

I have barely scratched the surface of the new IOS 8 and iPhone 6 functionality, and will post more once I’ve had longer to use it. So far, I am not disappointed.

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Having worked as a Research Fellow with the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University, I have now semi-retired but retained my association with the OU as an Honorary Associate.
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