A new Apple Watch – after 4 years

I’ve had my Apple watch since 2015. I posted first when I bought it:

The all-new Apple Watch

Then a couple of months down the line I posted again to update how I was using it:

Apple Watch 2 months down the line

It is now over 4 years later. After my original watch, Apple released the series 1, series 2 series 3 and series 4. My original watch would not display some of the neat new watch faces, and some of the apps weren’t available on it. The latest watch offering, a series 5, has an ECG and you can also put a sim in it and use it as a phone without needing to have your mobile with you.

Over the past 4 years, my use of the Apple watch has settled into a fairly standard pattern. I have become more and more fascinated by the health app – recording my walks and exercise and achieving awards that look like attractive shields on the phone. The most activity in one week, closing your exercise ‘rings’ for 7 days on the trot. I have found this acts as a real incentive.  I can also use the watch to control some of the automation I’ve set up in the house, which is rather good. I still don’t use it to receive calls – but I find it really handy for quietly glancing down when it vibrates to notify me of an incoming call and, when I decide I don’t want to answer, I can reject the call by simply covering the watch face with my other hand.

However, I was getting a bit fed up with not having access to all the latest features, so I took the plunge and bought myself an Apple Watch series 5. This time I opted for the next model up, the stainless steel one. They have increased the size of both watches – the 42mm watch has increased to a 44mm, and the 38mm is now 40mm. I found that the new 44mm watch was just too big for my wrist, so I have invested in the smaller watch. Irritatingly this means that all the lovely watch straps I bought will have to head off to eBay, but I’ve got a very nice milanese loop strap in gold as well as a neat sports strap for when I go to the gym.

Yes – I’ve joined the gym. I now have more time and it is rather fun. There is a swimming pool and this was part of the incentive to buy a new watch – they are also waterproof. I so enjoy tracking my exercise, that I wanted to also be able to track my swimming. The gym has a little USB that logs your exercise on most of the machines, but I think the Apple Watch fitness support is rather more accurate. The watch face in the photo below is my favourite. It is a utility face, not one of the cool animated ones, but it is so handy. One touch shows me how I’m doing towards my fitness goals (rings). I can record excercise using the little green man – and while I’m doing the activity, the little green man is animated to be running. Really cute. I can take an ECG whenever the mood takes me. I just did, and my heart rate was 67 with a good sinus rhythm (even heartbeat) and immediately my phone sprang to life to say that I could view this on my phone.

I look forward to many enjoyable years with this new and improved watch. Meanwhile, anybody want an old pre series 1 40mm watch with four straps? Ebay it is then 🙂

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5


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