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 Patrick and the OpenLearn Travel Bug I’ve just set up the OpenLearn travel bug. A bit of a long shot but might prove interesting. I’ve got an OpenLearn USB pen and have registered it as a travel bug. Patrick has laminated the goals card that will travel with the pen. I’m aiming for something tiny that will be easy to move from geocache to geocache and will fit in the smallest caches.    I’ve loaded the pen up with a photo of Patrick in front of the OpenLearn sign in the digilab, holding the USB pen, and a photo of a couple of my cats (my Geocaching ID is Madcats) and included the description of Walton Lake (where the geocache is) from Mike Dodd’s nature trail. I’m hoping people will follow this and add their own images and descriptions to the USB. I also added a readme.txt explaining what I’m hoping for and saying that it’s OK to include files of other formats in case people don’t want to use MS Word. I’m planning to release the OpenLearn travel bug on Monday 11th. Hope it’s not raining as this involves me finding the geocache.  OpenLearn Travel Bug The OpenLearn travel bug is an enquiring beastie with a love of Milton Keynes and a thirst for information about its favourite city. Its goal is to visit as many geocaches in Milton Keynes as it can, collecting photographs and anecdotes from the places it visits. The aim is to reveal the hidden charms of Milton Keynes through the selected geocaching locations. So, if you know of a geocache in the area that you feel is especially interesting, please take this bug there, take photos of the bug and the area and log these, with your anecdotes, on the bug’s website.  After about three months the Madcats will retrieve the bug, collate the logs and USB content into a geocaching path through Milton Keynes, created through the collaborative efforts of geocachers in and around the area.     The OpenLearn Travel Bug was released to celebrate the first anniversary of the OpenLearn initiative. The bug itself is a USB pen drive so that if you want to, you can load it with copies of pictures and other documents about the hidden gems of Milton Keynes.


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Having worked as a Research Fellow with the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University, I have now semi-retired but retained my association with the OU as an Honorary Associate.
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