“Reading visual images”: another DAISY DTB produced from Openlearn material

I’ve generated another DAISY DTB from Openlearn material. I was invited to attend a meeting of the OU’s Digital Audio Project yesterday, and the discussion there started me thinking about how different media could be delivered to enhance learning using a DTB reader. Anyway, I generated a DTB version of course DD100_6 “Reading visual images” to help me think about images.

Is inclusion of an alternative text description of an image useful enough for many purposes?

If so, what should the nature of this description be? Are existing guidelines sufficient?

When is more than alternative text required?

I’ll need to get to grips with existing guidelines such as the OU’s own Adding images and figures and TechDis’s Introduction to Best Practice with Images. Mary suggests that Business School units have their alt text written by a group of expert ALs, and that the images within their units are often diagrammatic, so I might have a look at one of these to get started.
Other usability issues include the use of voices (synthesised or real) within a book, i.e. how can multiple voices be used effectively e.g. different voices for quotes, questions and answers?
The DTB is available from here: DTB of OpenLearn course unit “Reading visual images” (DD100_6).

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2 Responses to “Reading visual images”: another DAISY DTB produced from Openlearn material

  1. Thom says:

    Any chance of a DTB download of your “Reading Visual Images” course? I was able to find the course online (I’m not an OU member), but I cannot access the DTB without a login. Thanks!

  2. a.j.brasher says:

    Hi Thom
    I am sorry, I should have updated the link. I have now changed the link so that you should now be able to access a zip file containing the DTB.
    I have not done mucjh work on the issues I raised in this post since I wrote it, but
    if you have any thoughts or suggestions about these issues please do let me know.
    Best wishes


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