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A helping hand when stuck with your career

Posted on Career planning, Disabilities and health conditions, Graduate opportunities, Jobs, internships and work experience

We can support you along your path

Studying with the OU over the past year has helped law student Richard recover from a period of mental illness. He talked to us about his experience:

Studying has positively impacted my mental health because it affords me motivation and a goal. I can safely say with the utmost conviction that the Open University has saved my life.

If you’re experiencing mental health issues don’t climb that mountain alone, we have resources to help you through the challenges. Richard goes on to say:

“Careers and Employability Services (CES) directed me to an NHS-led trial called ThriveIntoWork which has broadened my prospects. Without this, I would still be in the position of struggling to find work on my own.”

Use our guide book

Wherever you are in your journey we can direct you to advice and resources to help you move closer to your goals. The Career Planning and Job Seeking Workbook is always a great place to start.

The confidence to pursue your path

“The advice given to me by CES afforded me hope and an opportunity to regain my confidence.”

Like Richard, if you’re lacking on confidence don’t let this be a barrier to your career planning, our two-part webinar gives you advice and strategies to make sure fear doesn’t decide your future.

Recognise your achievements

With help from us and ThriveIntoWork Richard was able to secure an interview.

“I have my first interview in four years.”

If you’ve got an interview too – congratulations. If you’re a little rusty go to our Interviews – Getting Started webinar which is packed with top tips and advice on how to prepare.

Success is a journey, not a destination

Richard then told us he’d been successful in his interview. Although not far into his OU journey, Richard’s come a long way – from feeling uncertain about his prospects to securing a job shows how we can help you too become career confident.

I am forever indebted to the Open University Careers and Employability Services.

You can contact Careers and Employability Services for advice and guidance during your study and for up to three years afterwards.