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Tools to build your career sandcastle this summer

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Thinking about your future this summer? Now the sun has got its hat on, our Careers Consultants are hosting our Summer Careers Surgery to help you build a future of your own design. Join us anytime 3 July to 2 August.

Finding your spot in the sun

Finding a sector that’s right for you can be a challenge. Before you put your towel down, explore your surroundings to find your happy place. Our industry reports are a great way to research a wide range of sectors – a vantage point to view the whole careers beach.

If you’re still feeling lost, our online career exploration tool matches your skills and interests to job roles so you can check that you’re pitching up in the right place.

Under construction

OU students make great candidates and you are no exception. But you need to build your sandcastle before you show it off. We have a wide range of useful online tools to help you stand out with employers. Also check out our webinar 5 seconds for your CV to make its mark.

Be proud of your handywork and tell us about it

Don’t forget to stand back and enjoy your magnificent careers sandcastle with these tools and more from our Summer Careers Surgery. Let us know what you found useful, make suggestions and help us make our services even more useful by completing this feedback form.

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