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Love your skills… unleash your potential

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Love isn’t just about romance. Put your heart into discovering how valued you are and learn to love your skills…

Know your skills to love your skills

Loving your own skills takes passion, but also awareness. It can be hard to know our own skills, because we use them every day, often without even realising it. What you find easy to do may be a quality that employers are attracted to. Have a go at the skills audit on page 28 of Your Career Planning Guide. Make a date with Kudos AD. It’s a fantastic online tool to help you identify suitable careers based on your loves and hates… and skills too. It’s a great way to know your own heart and discover directions to satisfy your passions.

Why employers love OU students

From research on Employing OU Graduates in 2019 one employer said:

OU students have motivation and drive – they obviously want to progress.

Employers love OU students and graduates for their skills gained from previous life and work experience, as well as OU study. Capita, who recently took part in one of our OU Online TalentConnect careers fairs, said:

OU students come from all walks of life and are able to use their life experience, knowledge, and skills to continuously strive for better.

If you’ve completed a module or more, been employed, raised a family or had caring duties, this probably applies to you. So, employers will love you too.

Love your skills to sell your skills

Once you know what you’ve got, it’s time to flaunt it. Work out the best way to present them and attract employers. Cupid didn’t get his evidence-based matchmaking job without showcasing his archery skills and attention to detail in his research on the personalities and values of potential love birds. Learn to attract employers. Read our Presenting your skills page and watch webinars The presentation factor and Personal branding with PwC.

Fall in love with your skills today and start working your magic on employers.