New project: CitSci Diaries!

This new European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) funded project is a collaboration between the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) and the Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN) at Kiel University, Germany. This Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) involves the IET researcher Dr. Maria Aristeidou visiting the IPN in December 2019, for a collaboration with Prof. Dr. Ute Harms and Dr. Till Bruckermann.

Enhancing the engagement of citizens within science participation communities is a focus of attention for researchers and practitioners who want to amplify the impact on learning, science and society. Citizen diaries are proposed in this collaboration as an alternative or supplementary method to pre/post surveys, retrospective interviews and activity observation, for capturing daily changes to motivation and participation.

The WTimpact project at IPN aims to elucidate the factors that make Citizen Science successful as a knowledge transfer tool. WTimpact involves citizens in three monitoring projects in Berlin and Leipzig, carrying out their own measurements and observations in the field, share and evaluate their data, and exchange their results and reflections on them with other citizens as well as the researchers.

The aims of the project are:

(a) to develop a methodology (settings, instructions, modes, time-frame, evaluation) for applying diary studies in citizen science as a way of capturing citizen engagement; and

(b) to pilot the methodology with samples (translated into English) from a field study taking place in Berlin

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