Phd supervision

The members of the counselling team in the OU’s School of Psychology offer a broad range of theoretical, applied and methodological expertise and have research supervisory interests in many areas. Members of the team have strong links with the nationwide Association of Psychosocial Studies which brings together researchers adopting various psychosocial approaches, many of whom are also clinical practitioners. They are also linked with the UK Chapter of the Society of Psychotherapy Research (SPR) – the leading international, multidisciplinary scientific association devoted to research on psychotherapy – and the Research Department of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). These links make the School of Psychology an exciting and innovative place to conduct research with a counselling and/or psychotherapy focus.

Following this link you can find more information on postgraduate research possibilities around counselling, psychotherapy and mental health at the School of Psychology at the Open University. Listed below is counselling staff and their research interests where we can offer PhD supervision (Postgraduate Research in Psychology) :

Dr Andreas Vossler

Process and outcome in psychotherapy and counselling; research methods in counselling and psychotherapy; systemic approaches; intimate relationships; infidelity; online counselling and psychotherapy.

Dr Naomi Moller

Process and outcome in psychotherapy and counselling; research methods in counselling and psychotherapy; issues around working with diverse populations in therapy.

Dr David Kaposi

Violence and identity, critical discursive, psychodynamic and psychosocial psychology, qualitative research practice.

Dr David Jones

Psychosocial perspectives in understanding criminal behaviour, in particular the borderline between mental health and offending. The significance of historical and psychosocial thinking to understanding contemporary issues.

Prof Darren Langdridge

Construction of sexualities and masculinities, phenomenological/narrative psychology and existential-phenomenological psychotherapy.

Dr Meg-John Barker

Sexualities and relationships, particularly bisexual, SM and non-monogamous sexual communities. Existential and mindfulness psychotherapy. Visual research methods.

Dr Anastasia Economou

Anxiety, depression, eating disorders, counselling adults with disabilities, Psychodynamic counselling, cross-cultural counselling, online counselling, mindfulness based therapy, conservation psychology.

Dr Troy Cooper

Social psychology of illness, especially eating disorders and addiction.