We want to engage our students into the production process of the module to make sure to create a module that is relevant to student needs and incorporates broad input from students into design/content of the D241 learning material. For this reason we have set up the production blog with updates on the production process and hope to get student input and feedback in a range of areas. For example:

  • What key module content areas should be included in the module?
  • Does the planned module title work?
  • What employment-relevant knowledge and skills are valuable for students who want to work in mental health and counselling?

To invite input and feedback from our OU students we have set up a discussion forum here on the Psychology Qualification online website (only accessible for registered OU students). This forum will be open for discussion and comments from 17th June 2019 for two weeks. OU students have the opportunity here to discuss issues around employment-relevant knowledge and skills that should be covered on D241, and the module title and content more generally, with the module team. The student feedback will inform learning design and assessment strategy on the module.