Service user involvement

The module team are fully aware of the important contribution that has been made by those who have experience of being on the receiving end of the services provided by counsellors and the various branches of the metal health system. The voices of those who have experiences of mental distress have enhanced our understanding of the experience of the particular forms of distress and of how the various treatments themselves can impact on the individuals who receive them.

There is a history of very critical commentary coming from a range of ‘service user’, ‘service recipient’ or ‘survivor’ groups who have drawn attention to the sometimes negative impact that the processes of  diagnosis and treatment can have.

As a module team, we feel that the voices of experience have been very important and we are therefore keen that such experiences can help shape this module.

We are employing people with such experience as consultants on the module.  They will be looking at module material as it produced and helping the module to properly represent the views of those who have experience of treatment.

They are also going to be advising us on how best to seek views from a wider range of ‘voices of experience’ so that those perspectives can help inform the module.