Workshop Objectives

Smart cities aim to harness the use of ICT as a means to solve cities’ sustainability challenges, but all too often the focus is on technology rather than working with people to understand the problems, community concerns and to co-create solutions. Smart city development requires engagement with a broad range of people including citizens, business, universities, public services and community organisations. To achieve this people need to work collaboratively to understand what smart cities are and could be and how they can participate in their co-creation.

The Co-creating Smart Sustainable Cities (CSSC) workshop will explore the experiences of projects, researchers and practitioners using participatory design approaches and ICT to engage citizens in co-creating smart sustainable cities, including:

  • OurMK – a web-based platform crowdsourcing citizens’ ideas and funding projects developed by MK:Smart
  • Smart Cities MOOC – a Massive Open Online Course for people to explore the role of technology and data in cities and learn how to co-create a smart city project
  • Digital Green Doors – a research project that investigated how technology can be used to help people gather information about retrofitting led by University of Bristol
  • Bristol Approach to Citizen Sensing – Framework for inclusive, community-driven digital projects involving sensor technologies developed by KWMC, Ideas for Change and Bristol City Council
  • Case studies put forward by workshop participants – see submission

The workshop objectives are to share the lessons learnt and to explore common challenges in designing approaches that enable effective participation. These include engendering support for participative approaches, recruitment of participants, ensuring diversity, supporting people to move from learning to participation, maintaining and scaling up engagement. It is anticipated the learning from the workshop will form the basis of an article for publication and a group interested in collaborating on future opportunities such as funding bids.

Target Audience

The CSSC workshop is on Thursday 1st September from 09:00-12:30 at the Amsterdam Business School, it is open to all and is taking place as part of the ICT4S 2016 Conference, see the Submission page for how to register.  Our target audience is researchers and practitioners working in areas relevant to ICT for Sustainability and Smart Sustainable Cities for example those working in HCI, smart cities, systems thinking, sustainability, community engagement, public planning and policy and the social sciences. We would like a mix of participants representing a range of views and experience in the field.


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