Crossover learning

Learning in informal settings, such as museums and after-school clubs, can link educational content with issues that matter to learners in their lives. These connections work in both directions. Learning in schools and colleges can be enriched by experiences from everyday life; informal learning can be deepened by adding questions and knowledge from the classroom. These connected experiences spark further interest and motivation to learn. An effective method is for a teacher to propose and discuss a question in the classroom, then for learners to explore that question on a museum visit or field trip, collecting photos or notes as evidence, then share their findings back in the class to produce individual or group answers. These crossover learning experiences exploit the strengths of both environments and provide learners with authentic and engaging opportunities for learning. Since learning occurs over a lifetime, drawing on experiences across multiple settings, the wider opportunity is to support learners in recording, linking, recalling and sharing their diverse learning events.

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  1. Altamira says:

    When I watch kids walk into the building on their first day of school, I think about what I want them to be like when they walk out on their last day. I also think about what I want them to be like on the day I bump into them in the supermarket 10 or 20 years later.

    I know how idealistic it may sound, but it is my urgent hope that in the century ahead students in the nation’s schools will be judged not by their performance on a single test, but by the quality of their lives. It’s my hope that students in the classrooms of tomorrow will be encouraged to be creative, not conforming, and learn to cooperate rather than compete

  2. I had some kind of crossover learning back in my highschool days. I think it’s a system that should be encouraged even more in the current education system as it really helps students to look for a different kind of view regarding certain topics.

    I remember my final exam was regarding metals and how all the disciplines can be mixed in order to achieve a greater knowledge regarding a topic. We visited museums and other places and I learnt a lot.

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