Best learning moments

The idea of best learning moments builds on the psychological concept of cognitive absorption or ‘flow’, defined as deep involvement or immersion in an activity or task, often accompanied by feelings of enjoyment. People experience this mental state and these feelings when engaged in an activity that is appropriately challenging to their skill level, resulting in full concentration and focus. Best learning moments can result in deep learning and high levels of satisfaction, and they may also be particularly memorable. They may occur in situations involving hands-on activity and participation, and they fit in well with learner-centred approaches that take individual differences in learning into account. Teaching tips for creating memorable moments include talking about students’ interests, asking challenging questions and accepting that all students are different. Technology-enhanced learning environments can be designed to create opportunities for best learning moments — for example, through use of mobile devices, games-based learning, immersive experiences, and through using data from learning analytics. New ways of capturing best learning moments can support reflection on learning and improving the design of learning technology. Best learning moments can also be opportunities for ‘teachable moments’, which are unplanned opportunities that arise when a teacher senses that students are engaged and ready to absorb some insights, such as a general point from a shared experience.

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