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There are two types of communications director. The first focuses almost exclusively on serving his or her political masters as their praetorian guard – the rest of the organisation, its customers and stakeholders are invariably the “them”, never the “us”. The second embraces the complexity and tries to get it right with the top of organisation while never losing sight that organisations serve a wider purpose and the best endeavours are collaborative. The frontline is as important, if not more important than the formal leadership. Leaders are there to serve. Organisations must adapt to the societies of which they are part, and this means relentless customer-focus.

On Saturday 21 September 2013, Escape from the Boardroom will be shown on BBC World News. This is only available to international students located outside of the UK.

The first episode goes out at the following times (GMT):

Saturday 21st Sept: 02.10 and 15.10
Sunday 22nd Sept: 09.10 and 21.10

The next four episodes follow at exactly the same times over the four consecutive weekends.

It is very much hoped that the programmes will be available in some form to UK students at some point in the future. Further information on the series will be available on the OpenLearn website but also on the University’s website for international students,, where there will be links to articles and blogs that the Faculty of Business & Law has written on the series.

This 5-part series follows five high-ranking executives from around the globe as they head to the front lines of their organisations in a bid to better understand their company, staff and customers.
In order to maximise the benefits of OU television and radio programmes, we warmly encourage current students outside of the UK to be recommended to watch the broadcasts where they have a clear relevance to their module and programme of study.

The new series links into a large number of qualifications in the Faculty of Business & Law:
Global quals
· MBA (F61) – please click for a full list of modules
· Leadership and Management in Intercultural Contexts (BB848)
Openings/Access & level 1
· Understanding management (Y179)
· People, work and society access module (Y032An introduction to business studies (B120) – global
UK specific quals
· Foundation Degree in Leadership and Management (X06)
· Foundation Degree in Business (X05)
· Diploma of HE in Business (W05)
· Certificate of HE in Business and Management (T17)
· BA (Honours) Business Studies (Q70)
· Professional Certificate in Management (S01)

With particular relevance to the following modules:
· Leadership and Management in Intercultural Contexts (BB848)

The series was commissioned for the University by Caroline Ogilvie, the Nominated Academic Consultant was Mark Fenton-O’Creevy, the Broadcast Project Managers were Louise Millard and Caroline Green, and the Online Project Producer was Matthew Culnane.

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