Labour Party Conference 2013: Digital Innovation in Education, and Ed Miliband’s speech (photos)

I represent the OU every year at Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat party conferences. The first two photographs are taken from a joint fringe event held by the OU and IPPR on digital innovation in education, and feature Lord Adonis and the OU’s Vice-Chancellor Martin Bean. The third features Ed Miliband delivering his speech to conference.

Andrew Adonis said that what the OU is doing in the digital space and online learning is “profound”, and Martin Bean is “one of the most innovative Vice-Chancellors in the UK”. Martin said that FutureLearn opened for business last week, announcing its first batch of online courses drawn from 21 of the UK’s top universities. He spoke of a transformation in higher education, where the emphasis shifts onto the learner. “We’re going from the “sage on the stage” to the “coach on the side”, where universities facilitate the student’s journey,” he said.

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