Civil Society Forum: Blog 2 – vehicle for collaborative leadership

One of the main reasons why the Civil Society Forum will make a distinctive contribution is that most (Western) societies have a very sketchy understanding of what constitutes effective collaborative leadership, and we are limited by our current structures and mind-sets to produce better collaboration (see

Now more than ever, we need to bring on a new generation of collaborative leaders who deliver on social outcomes that require high levels of public participation, and leaders to be more confident and competent in working across organizational and sector boundaries and managing the consequences.

Civil society is in a unique position to demonstrate that it can act on a real social need by harnessing voluntary and paid resources and optimising a combined commitment across more than a single organization. Leadership needs to be re-thought, re-framed and refreshed so that the emphasis shifts from only fighting one’s own corner and delivering on one part of the solution to synchronising one’s contribution to support and improve the contribution of others. This means actively managing the complexity and risk that greater collaboration inherently generates, and receiving the support and challenge of the peer-group to deliver a sustainable transformation.
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