The OU strengthens its network in China, signing a new deal

The OU has forged even closer links this week with its university network in China, including signing an agreement with the OU in China. Representing the UK’s largest university, and the one with the most experience in innovating learning, Martin Bean, The Open University’s Vice-Chancellor, accompanied the Prime Minister on his visit to China.

UKTI gets the right mix of business, culture and education leaders to make up the trade delegation.

Economic growth is not an end in itself. Education ensures that an individual’s contribution makes a positive difference, and enriches society. Technology creates opportunities, and if properly harnessed, can be a force for good. The higher education sector is one of the most exciting to work in because if it is responsive to society’s needs, it can help deliver the leaders of the future.

The OU is coming into its own, as more and more countries look to improving learning and have a more educated workforce.

Under the lead of its Commercial Director, Steve Hill, the OU has been pursuing an active international strategy targeted at key markets where the OU can offer real value to a growing aspirational population interested in learning to improve their jobs and careers. The OU offers high-quality supported education, flexibly delivered. Not surprisingly, it has served as an example for others to follow. Because of its track-record and scale, it is also a great partner to do business with.

Martin Bean is having a remarkable run at the Open University, most recently with the successful launch of FutureLearn. His commercial expertise, deep understanding of how technology can support learning, and sector leadership in innovation, make him an important ambassador and pioneer in higher education. Simon Nelson, the Chief Executive of FutureLearn, is bringing a new dimension to the new market of MOOCs, in developing an international offer that opens up academic excellence to a new generation of learners.

It is a new chapter for the OU. The potential of FutureLearn lies in all its partners working together to compete in markets across the world for learners who are not just hungry for knowledge, but are increasingly discerning.

Media release:

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