“Strategic” is here to stay: LinkedIn survey on most used buzzwords

LinkedIn certainly knows how to have its cake and eat it. First, it develops an extraordinary network that keeps growing, by encouraging its users to promote their expertise and experience. And now bombards us with requests to “endorse” others (I’m fine with that: you can still be discerning). Second, it conducts annual surveys to reflect back which words we use- or more apparently, over-use. “Over-use” is a loaded term: you could just say “favourite”.

This year’s favourites are “strategic”, “creative” and “responsible”. I don’t quite follow the logic of some reports that then go on to claim employers won’t be interested. On the contrary: if there is evidence to support the claim, my advice is: go for it! The word “strategic” is indeed over-used in some organisations, but so too generally are the words “peace”, “success”, “prosperity”. Yes, over-use of certain words devalues their currency. I once had a boss at the BBC who signed ALL her communications, Love …

I think one should be sparing with the word “love” and “friend”, though it’s probably too late for Facebook to reverse its policy on “friends”. The Open University’s Secretary, Fraser Woodburn is a role model for measured use of language: the whole university knows Fraser’s “fine” means “good”, as it should. So an “excellent” from Fraser is truly worth receiving as feedback, because he doesn’t hand out compliments like confetti.

Overall, good can come in using words such as “strategic”‘, “creative” and “responsible” because it shows intent.

I would be delighted if 21st century society were to become more strategic, more creative, more responsible, provided it’s not just words, but actions. At the beginning was the word…


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  1. Jerard Bretts says:

    I think it was Wittgenstein who said ‘The limits of my languague mean the limits of my world.’

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