Civil Society Forum: successful launch

Yesterday’s launch of the Civil Society Forum surpassed expectations. It is already being positively reported on

From a standing start five weeks ago, we bravely – if not madly- committed ourselves to a launch on Wednesday 20th April. Everything had to be organised from scratch. Yet we delivered, an impressive attendance, great participation on the day, and we have early indications of real support and engagement.

A very big vote of thanks go to Esther Ridsdale who masterminded the event. Thanks also to John Morgan, Paul Cox and Jay Sharma who supported us as a steering group of Founders. We all recognise that we need to strike when the iron is hot and get the word round we have held a successful event and want to build on this momentum.

Five weeks ago the CSF did not exist. But as one of the co-founders, James Plunket, Social Investment Group, said, “With a strong purpose and key supporters, the launch engaged an excellent range of participants. We are now in a strong position to develop our collective thinking, challenge the status quo and tackle the key issues that vex us all as we move inexorably towards a fair, sustainable and truly civil society?” 

The CSF is keen to maintain a close connection with the Finance Innovation Lab. James adds, “Through my own membership and involvement, and that of others who have now been introduced to the Lab community, I expect and hope for great cross-pollination of membership, interests and learning between us.” 

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