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The Civil Society Forum has been formed to provide an open space for leaders to engage in strategic thinking on the practical challenges in building civil society. For more information visit our website

We are pleased to invite you to the 5th and 6th strategic thinking events of The Civil Society Forum and to participate in one of special interest events and working groups.

5th Open Strategic Thinking event

6th September. 1.30 ??? 5.30pm & afterwards for networking, Central London

Part 1: Managing complex delivery (non-hierarchically);

Exploration of an approach to designing non-hierarchical structures to organise & generate synergy within and between organisations (building on the Viable Systems Model)

Speaker: Jon Walker, Social activist, Consultant & SCiO member (Study of Complexity in Organisations)

Part 2:

A choice of discussion sessions including a workshop examining how participants could apply the approach in the first session in their own situations

Feedback from previous events: ???Fresh, alive and invigorating???, ??? I felt like I was drinking from a fire hydrant; Excellent???, ???This is the way forward???

Open Strategic Thinking Event

6th October. 1.30-5.30pm & afterwards for networking, Central London

Part 1: Method in the face of madness

An explanation of the approach used to address threats faced by Advice centres. Improving service to customers whilst reducing costs

Speaker: Steve Johnson, Chief Executive Advice UK

Part 2:

A choice of discussion groups and potentially workshop on where to start in applying ideas discussed in Steve???s talk.

Please make contact if you are interested in a particular theme. Current and planned working groups include:

1. Collaboration; How do we get better at working collaboratively? How do we transcend our pre-conditioning of working in silos, of behaviours, structures etc.

2. What are effective ways of working with dispersed groups of people / communities of interest? Focus: Use of collaborative networks to stimulate & support people in addressing their organizational challenges.

3. Commissioning. How to get commissioning that develops innovative responses to social need whilst retaining transparency and accountability’

4. Transformative housing. How do we work around the structural and resource constraints to maximize impact to both the immediate and holistic needs of our beneficiaries?

See for more details and booking instructions.

Please let us know if you would like to know more, be kept informed on upcoming events, and/or have a suggestion for areas of focus. We are keen to work in constructive partnership with all relevant players.

Best wishes

Esther Ridsdale

on behalf of The Forum Board:

Professor John Carlisle A leading authority on collaboration and organisational transformation, whosework has been cited and endorsed by HBR.

Previously trainer on Top Government Development Programme

John Tizard Managing Director, Centre for Public Service Partnerships, Trustee of National Association of Voluntary & Community Associations (NAVCA),

non-exec Director of the Social Investment Business

Malcolm Cairns Director of Health Connect, specialist in systemic approaches to management and designing joined up services, improving flow and reducing waste.

Esther Ridsdale Specialist in collaborative strategy, planning & improvement, recently Collaborative Working Officer at the NCVO & MD of CSPI Associates

& The Steering Group & Advisory Board:

Lucian J. Hudson Chairman, Collaborative Strategies Network,Previously Director of Communication, FCO

Steve Johnson Chief Executive, Advice UK

Mark Napier Managing Director, Centre for Public Innovation

James Plunket Managing Director, Social Investment Group, Member of the Philanthropy Advice Steering Group

Aidan Ward Systems practitioner, Fractal, representing ScIO, system practitioners group

Karen Woolley Social activist, Chairman, Trust for Oxfordshire???s Environment (TOE2), Managing Director KliC4Training (Corporate Social Responsibility, and Corporate Community Engagement)

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