Lucian J. Hudson: The Enabling State – Collaborating for Success (FCO, 2009)

As the Global Financial Crisis unfolded in 2008, and international coordination became an urgent and necessary response, I was asked by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office to research and write the first-ever international report on what makes for effective collaboration and partnership, particularly between governments, business and NGOs, involving more than 100 organizations globally, including 20 governments, and 10 international institutions. The assignment included primary and secondary research as Visiting Researcher, British Library, participation in Said Business School, Oxford University, and London Business School advanced negotiation courses, and time spent with senior managers and stakeholders at Shell International, Global Fund, European Commission and NATO, India, Turkey and Mexico governments, and international institutions in Geneva.The report was written for Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and did not – and does not – represent government policy. It continues to be used as a resource across governments, business and civil society. Full version: abridged version is here: can be accessed from: peer-reviewed publications:…Routledge are publishing two comprehensive handbooks – on corporate responsibility, and social partnerships- which include chapters I have written, developing themes originating in The Enabling State: Collaborating for Success.

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